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Variety that tastes good

You only want to offer your passengers the best, and we offer you the same: whether it’s fine fish, delicious meat or fresh vegetables. Naturally, we also provide high-quality non-food products.


A range to fulfil your heart’s desire
The basic equipment - the dry assortment
The pantry basics – dry goods

From rice and pasta through flour and sugar to cooking oils and fats, our range of dry goods offer your cooks all the culinary basics they need. Coffee, tea, other hot drinks, biscuits and sweets round off the selection.

Ice-cooled freshness - Frozen products
Frozen freshness – from the deep freeze

Whatever the season, we provide you with deep-frozen top quality. Whether it's potato and dairy products, meat, fruit and vegetables or ice cream and deserts – top flavour is always on hand.

Deliciously hearty - meat and sausage products
Delightfully hearty – meat and sausages

You’re not the only ones who value safety – we do too! You can rely on us – whether in the field of quality, exact calibration, freshness or prompt delivery. The broad selection in our huge assortment, in all price ranges, covers all needs, from the breakfast buffet to the gourmet restaurant.

Enjoy the fish - Fish specialties
Hooked on flavour – fish specialities

Do you and your passengers place great value on the responsible management of natural resources? Our specialities from lake and ocean largely come from sustainable fisheries. Our subsidiaries are certified to ASC and MSC criteria. Whether it’s pollock or sea bass, au naturel or breaded: the choice is yours!

Crunchy-colourful - fruits & vegetables
Crisp and colourful – fruit and vegetables

When choosing our range, our product experts always respect sustainability and regional availability. So that you can rely on consistent quality, we are in regular contact with our suppliers, because only the best quality is good enough for us.

The milk makes it - dairy products
Milk makes it – dairy products

To cover your galley’s daily needs, we supply you with milk at all fat levels, buttermilk, cream, quark, yoghurt and custard, hard, soft, fresh and sliced cheese, butter and eggs. These of course come from international and regional suppliers.

Good Wines - wine & spirits
A drop of the good stuff – wine and spirits

Do you want to offer your passengers choice drinks? Our specialist advisers have many years of experience and will help you to draw up a perfect selection for your wine or cocktail list. From house reds through fine wines to the latest mixing trends.

For the laid table - catering supplies and kitchen accessories
Laying the table – gastronomic supplies and kitchen accessories

Having the right equipment in your on-board restaurants makes sure that every meal goes to plan behind the scenes. In the dining room, choice porcelain and shapely glasses create an appealing atmosphere. We will be happy to introduce our professional kitchen equipment and modern tableware to you.

Uncompromising cleanliness - cleaning & hygiene
Uncompromising cleanliness – cleaning and hygiene

Perfect cleanliness and outstanding hygiene are the calling card of every passenger ship. Our high-power products for kitchen, cabin, personnel and textile hygiene form the basis for professional hygiene management in all areas.

As you like it – our special range
Individual as your label
As individual as your brand

Make a name for yourself! If you want to place your logo or name on the products offered on board, we will help you design the product labels – from the sugar sachet to the house wine. We are at your side for any questions you have.

Wines as unique as you
Wines as unique as you are

Our sommeliers will advise you on the dishes offered on board and provide you a selection of special wines to suit. Naturally, we can also design you an individual wine list.

Do you already know our own brands?

Benefit from the great diversity and outstanding price structure of our own brand products.

STAR CULINAR – the pleasure of outstanding quality

In this price range, you can find select raw goods and carefully refined products of the very highest quality. They will allow your cooks to realise their creative art and convince your guests of the refinement of your on-board restaurant.


Your galley crew needs a reliable foundation for everyday life. We offer it with our own brand BASE CULINAR: this needs-based range includes food products in all important groups, levels of convenience and package sizes.

BASE CLEAN – fast and safe

Flawless hygiene is the be-all and end-all on board. That is why we offer you the necessary items for it in a separate range. Our own brand, BASE CLEAN, contains all the important cleaning products and cleaning aids in package sizes of your choice.

BASE ELEMENTS – modern tableware

Our own brand, BASE ELEMENTS, takes on today’s challenges in on-board gastronomy: whether porcelain, glassware or cutlery – here you can find select accessories for modern fine dining. The range is impressively adaptable to different food service systems.

Always there for you!

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