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Steering the galley to success

A well-trained galley crew is the foundation for good nutrition on board. On land and sea, our Galley Support Team ensures the ongoing training and development of your cooks and is available to answer your galley crew’s every question. 

Galley Support

Sustainable personal development

In the galley, the kitchen team ensures healthy recipes and varied menus to provide the necessary power for the day. If ideas or answers are needed, our Galley Support Team is on hand to help your kitchen team with all the necessary knowledge. Individually and person to person.

Challenges in the field of Provision Supply Management that are well known from daily contact with shipping – such as inventory control or the failure to maintain first-in-first-out – are also addressed by Galley Support and Galley Training.

Personal contact – everywhere, always

Being there for you in person is our highest priority. That is why our consultancy from A-Z is always available to your galley crew. We help with all questions your kitchen team has to answer, from menu planning to hygiene and HACCP. We will also be happy to visit your team on board and are naturally also available by telephone or email.

Consultancy as unique as you are

Off-the-peg consultancy is not good enough to match the challenges your kitchen crew faces every day.  That is why we like to take a close look at the particular areas of friction in every case and adjust our advice and training courses in close collaboration with the crew and shipping company. 

Knowledge always at hand

So that what is learnt in our training sessions sinks in, we also provide your crew with varied informative material as a reference, free of charge. From cookery books to signage, we offer you all the support you need – topic-related and as required.

Practical ship visits worldwide

No journey is too long for our expert team: we will visit your ship and your cooks in any port in the world. Together, we will take a look at work in the galley and discuss where a need for action has arisen. Then, we will draw up an official visit report to provide to the ship and the shipping company.

Galley training areas
Support on board

We want to be right where the action happens: in our ship visits, we draw up our own image of the working situation in the galley. We enter into direct conversation with your cooks and captains and take a look together at the provisioning situation in the galley and storage rooms. After this, you receive a list with points for improvement and best practices. 

Support by phone
Support by telephone and email

Just reaching for the telephone or sending off an email is enough – our support team is always ready to talk to you, offering you expertise by the most direct route.

ETCC cooking school
Support with individual information

No two ships are the same! Our Galley Support Team develops on an ongoing basis individual solutions for specific requests from the vessels and customizes solutions from and on board. Guidelines, templates, posters and recommendations are closely developed in cooperation with the Galley crew and our team before put into operation.

Bright minds for your success – our expert team

To hand on knowledge, support and challenge – this is what all our trainers want to do, offering your galley crew their advice and assistance. All of them have a broad range of specialist knowledge at their command. And of course, our trainers are always developing themselves. 

Many of them have apprenticed as chefs and are certified by the German Chamber of Trade. After their apprenticeships, they have been able to gain extensive experience as ship's cooks travelling the world. During this period, they will have gotten to know the needs of an international crew and supplied their menus. 

Because of their wealth of experience, they have a trained eye for quickly analysing the situation on board. With their intercultural empathy, they treat the galley crew with sensitivity, trying to apply quick fixes and repair defects within the allotted time, in order to achieve a sustainable learning effect. 

  • needs-oriented
  • certified
  • sustainable learning effects
  • international cookery experience
  • packaged expertise
Your path to us

Do you have questions about our training concepts, or would you like advice on the individual training of your galley crew? Then you are in the right place here. Our contacts are happy to handle your every wish.

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