Mozzarella cheese

Quick Details

This is a high quality product specifically designed for application on pizza. It has all the desired qualities like melt ability, stretch ability to use in the pizza industry. The taste is like mozzarella cheese. Even when mixed with other types of cheese it gives a higher qualities  to your pizza topping. 
The product contains vegetable fat. 
This is the best cheese type you can have if you work in pizza industry

Product Type: Cheese
Cheese Type : Mozzarella
Origine: Cattle
Color: Light yellow
Addictives: None
Weight(kg): 20
Processing Type: Raw
Shape: Block
Fat Content(%): 30-44.5%
Shelf life: 24 Months

Typical Physical Properties
Color Uniform cream
Flavor Mild
Texture Firm, smooth

Pasteurised cows’ milk
Starter cultures
Microbial coagulating enzyme

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