Fresh/Frozen sea Urchin

Quick Details

Type: Sea Urchin
Feature: Nutritious,Organic , Nature
Weight(kg): 6 kgs master box
Flavor: Exotic Sweet Taste
Texture: Firm Succulent Texture
Style: Frozen
Color: Yellow Orange

Type: Sea Urchin
Scientific Name: Evechinus chloroticus
Length: 8.5 – 15cm
Weight: 150 – 250g (including shell)
Available fresh, frozen or roe only
10 days ,4-6 degrees celsius

Fresh Frozen uni roe
Gold yellow color to brown
Origin from cold south Pacific weather
Pristine environment and wild catch

A GRADE: Bright yellow/orange, firm texture
B GRADE: Mild yellow color, softer pieces.
C GRADE: Dark color, melting soft.
Our fresh and live seafood products are as fresh as you can get because we purchase directly from reputable fishermen in Chilean shores from Arica to Punta Arenas and Tierra del Fuego.This UNI provide a  highest quality seafood. The seafood is caught and immediately brought to our own factory for process.